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Using a random number generator, the winners are:

For the 1st Grand LeakyCon Prize:


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And finally, the 3rd Place Prize Winner:


Congrats!! We’ll be sending out an ask to each of you for your information.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and happy September 1st! Enjoy your first day back to Hogwarts. 



Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow


September 1st: Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts!


Series 8 - Deep Breath

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I found the giraffes making love on the  TFIOS movie

Now that I bought the movie on iTunes, I can confirm that this is real. (Also hilarious.) You can see it very clearly 1:36 into the movie. I wasn’t there the day they shot this scene, so I have no idea who did it, but there were several nerdfighters on the crew. Whoever is responsible for these beautiful mating plastic giraffes: THANK YOU, MY HERO.

A first look at the rebels of District 13 have been released! For the rest, click here [x]

For a moment, everything seems frozen in time. Then the apples spill to the ground and I’m blown backward into the air.

"What is up with Giving Tree here?”

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